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Silence, The King Is Listening

released: 1995
FM Records


The biggest recital of applause that evening was for ‘Silence, the king can hear’ by Nikos Kypourgos, who actually used the fairytale with the kings wardrobe, but simultaneously satirized the greek music reality scene of today. He achieved this by giving acting roles to the conductor, Theodore Antoniou, the musicians of the ALEA III orchestra and even his daughter in the crowd, who had the last word, and made the audience burst into laughter, after she blurted out,”Dad, the king can hear”.

Controversial comments were provoked by the presentation of “ Silence, the king can hear” by Nikos Kypourgos and “Little red riding hood” by George Kouroupou. The music which supported the word brightly, sincerely and directly goes beyond simple comments as it significantly and spontaneously welcomes the intense entertaining element of the performances.

George Monemvasitis, Eleftherotipia, January 20, 1994


Similar comments by everyone were heard.... “You missed it!”......”You can’t imagine what you’ve missed!” Nikos Kypourgos’ “Silence, the king can hear” had made an impression on those who didn’t miss it. Besides, how many can actually fit in the 600 seating capacity Mitropoulos Hall. A maximum of 1,200 for the two performances, but why allow only two performances? You got me ! I mean hey, you ordered the play, you paid for it, you set it let some more people enjoy it.

Mesimeriani, January 31, 1994


In “Silence, the king can hear”, Nikos Kypourgos reconfirms and can justifies his music. He proves he not only comprehends the theartrical moment in word properly, but also knows how to form it musically, in melodies that make irony and sarcasm stand out. Furthermore, it’s the lyricism and emotions that make it beautiful.
It was a brilliant musical finding.

Kostas Haralambidis, Niki, February 2,1994


It was ordered by OMMA- another exquisite initiative, the enjoyable work of Nikos Kypourgos’ “Silence, the king can hear”. This short yet miraculous musical is a composition of 1933. Tasos Christogiannopoulos (the king) was extraordinary with his natural talent.
So was “Little red riding hood”, by Kouroupou- a little diamond of its kind and we’d like to see it again.

Andreas Rikakkis, Kathimerini, March 9, 1994

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